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What if you could "lose the lance"?

No more, Stab, Bleed, Repeat....

What if you could save $200 a month?

Significantly reduce the need for strips and lances...

What if you could simply "see" your blood sugar?

Glucose at a glance, without the lance...

Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Health

The lifestyle of individuals with Diabetes is painful and expensive.

At GlucoSight we are on a mission!  Our goal is to reduce the daily burden of diabetes by developing a pain-free, low-cost means of monitoring blood sugar.  We have a plan and the research results are very promising but there is more work to be done.

We invite you to join us in our effort by participating in our research effort by volunteering to participate in one of our data collection efforts.  With your help, we hope to bring relief to those who live with Diabetes.



It is well known in medical circles that blood sugar levels effect our energy, our muscles. Even those of us who are not diabetic have had


Would you like to help make blood-based glucose meters a thing of the past? GlucoSight is looking for individuals to participate in a our research

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If you have any questions about our research or participation in our data collection efforts, please feel free to either give us a call or

Gestational diabetes puts babies at lifelong risk

Fantastic article about the effect of gestational diabetes on the actual babies themselves. I am not surprised that there are correlations nor that the effects are passed on in the form of TD2 and hypertension.  Worth a read! Gestiational Diabetes in Babies Gestational diabetes can put babies at a lifelong risk for cardiovascular disease, and scientists want to better understand how. Their goals include finding a marker that would give parents and physicians an early heads up of this unhealthy fetal programming and a chance to intervene.    

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Ginger Netten’s Breakup Letter to Diabetes

A fastastic article about Ginger Netten and her battle with Diabetes Dear Diabetes, There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just be blunt: It's not me, It's you! I don’t know why I feel bad telling you this. I shouldn’t—this problem between us is your fault. And I’m not just saying that. You are a terrible life partner. I hate you. And I think we should break up. read the rest of her letter...

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Gestational Diabetes risks in Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes catches women unaware.  Somewhere in the latter part of the first trimester it can appear.  The sudden onset of Type 2 Diabetes.  Those who are luck will see it pass after pregnancy.  Some will be diabetic for life. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases recommends following this plan to stay healthy and be prepared.

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Should your Ideal Glucose range be customized?

We are all familiar with the ubiquitous glucose management charts and the ideal ranges they proposed.  Well here is a surprise!  Our initial research shows that this may not be the case, leading us to wonder, "What if the Glucose range needs to be customized to each individual?" Stay tuned for more...

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