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About Us

For decades researcher have been searching for a way to monitor blood glucose levels about-uswithout the need for a single drop of blood. At no point in human history has this goal been more attainable, until now. Research facilities around the world are hot on the trail of this elusive prize and the possibility of a solution seems eminent.

At GlucoSight, we have the same dream. Make the day-to-day life of diabetes sufferers less onerous and costly. People with diabetes are already at risk. Why complicate their lived with painful processes and medical bills that only add to their stress.

We knew there had to be a better way so in late 2015, we put our plan in play.  Base on early research, we had a hunch.  We suspected there were residual effects on the human body, as a result of changes in blood sugar, that could be used to develop a new method of glucose level detection.

With the latest technology in hand and our theory firmly codified, we are now underway. If all goes to plan, in 2016 we will publish our findings and start down the path to pain free glucose monitoring for patients of any age and even those suffering from gestational diabetes.

We encourage you to join our data collection effort by signing up using our Participation Registration form. or reach out to us personally through our Contact form.

We wish you all the best of health.

The team at GlucoSight.